March 7, 2024

MindFEEL Minutes at Home Lesson 2: Mindful Listening

Mindful listening is a beneficial skill that encourages us to take a moment of silence to notice the sounds around us, bringing us to the present moment. When children listen mindfully, they can pay attention to what is happening in the present moment and notice how they may be feeling. It additionally builds their ability to focus and strengthens their attention span. Overall, it helps children connect with themself and the world around them.

Activities to Practice and Support Building Mindful Listening Skills

Check-in during different times of the day and take a moment to have 10-30 seconds of being quiet and listening to sounds around us. What sounds did we hear on the way to school today? What sounds did we hear while at the grocery store? What sounds did we hear at the park? What sounds do we hear at night before going to bed?

Source: PBS KIDS


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Posted by Mikayla Robinson

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