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About HealthyCHILD

We support early childhood programs in using research-based best practices to help young children develop key skills for success.

What We Do

HealthyCHILD services are provided in the school setting by highly trained professionals. These professionals will help you implement evidence-based interventions.
"CHILD" stands for: children with individual learning differences. For 27+ years, HealthyCHILD has been committed to helping children who are at risk for or who have developmental, behavioral, and mental healthcare needs. We are proud to be a leading provider of care for these children and families. This includes consultation, intervention, mentoring/education, and technical assistance to teachers, caregivers, parents, and administrators.
Early Childhood Partnerships (ECP)
ECP is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that was started at the UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. We help agencies by using best practices and University-Community collaborations. This helps young children and families that are at developmental risk or have delays/disabilities.
We help parents and teachers of infants and toddlers who have chronic adverse childhood experiences. This includes infants experiencing toxic stress and possible neurodevelopmental delays or disabilities by focusing on the infant-caregiver and infant-teacher relationships.
Compassion corner and wellbeing
This is a space where adults can come to learn about and discuss topics related to compassion and wellbeing. We can learn from each other and support each other in our journey to become more compassionate, emotionally intelligent people. Check out our Compassion Corners here:

The HealthyCHILD Model

HealthyCHILD is a trauma-sensitive, culturally-responsive, whole-school approach that utilizes a multi-tiered social and emotional support system to buffer the impact of trauma and chronic stress at all levels—organizational, staff, children, and families.
HealthyCHILD model

Real World Results

children & families supported
classrooms supported
The HealthyCHILD program has helped to address individual needs of children & teachers as well as overall classroom environments
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Early Childhood Director
Early Childhood Director
HealthyCHILD has been a great resource to our Early Childhood classroom! All of the children love Ms. Rachel and have grown so much in their Social-Emotional Development. HealthyCHILD has provided us with a variety of tools and skills to support all of our children.
Teacher Avatar
Ms. Christine
Pittsburgh Public Schools Pre-K Teacher
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Who We Are

Our staff consults with teachers, staff, caregivers, and administrators on social-emotional strategies and interventions. Our multi-disciplinary team works together to support children across settings. 
To get in contact with us, please reach out via our contact page linked here.
Tracy K. Larson, EdD, NCSP
Tracy K. Larson, EdD, NCSP
Director, Early Childhood Partnerships HealthyCHILD, HealthyInfants, COMET, SPECS
Ennad Murrell-Merriweather Developmental Healthcare Consultant, HealthyCHILD
Ennad Murrell-Merriweather, MS, LBS
Program Manager - EHS and Childcare Partnerships
Developmental Healthcare Consultant
Laura Campbell, Consultant
Laura Campbell, M.Ed., NCSP
Program Manager - AIU HS Partnership Developmental Healthcare Consultant
Molly Matsik, Ph.D.
Molly Matsik, Ph.D.
Developmental Healthcare Consultant
Denise Espoto, Developmental Healthcare Consultant
Denise Esposto, MS, CCLS
Developmental Healthcare Consultant
Meghan Grainer, MS, DHC at HealthyCHILD
Meghan Grainer, MS
Developmental Healthcare Consultant
Holly Reichard
Holly Reichard, MS
Developmental Healthcare Consultant
Justine Barry, DHC
Justine Barry, MS
Developmental Healthcare Consultant
Breela Dorsey, BA
HealthyInfants Coordinator
Stephanie (Burns) Frances
Stephanie Frances, BS
Developmental Healthcare Consultant
Chelsea Enright, MS
Developmental Healthcare Consultant
Lauren Donovan
Lauren Donovan Smith, M.Ed.
Developmental Healthcare Consultant
Nora Smith, MS
Developmental Healthcare Consultant
Joan Albrecht, MA
Developmental Healthcare Consultant
Liz Kennedy, MS, CCLS
Developmental Healthcare Consultant
Caitlin Pyles, MS
Developmental Healthcare Consultant
LaTonya Weaver, MSW
Developmental Healthcare Consultant
Amy Palikaras
Amy Palikaras
Administrative Assistant
Paige Johnson, M.Ed.
Developmental Healthcare Consultant
Melissa Fellman, MSW
Developmental Healthcare Consultant
Karl Jancart, Ph.D.
Post-Doctoral Associate

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