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Get the tools needed to support early learning and development.
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Everyone needs social and emotional learning. HealthyCHILD has resources that can help.
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Social-emotional learning at home

Tips & information you can use at home

Our online resource center can help families of children. Parents who have used our resources have improved their parenting skills, and they are more responsive and use evidence-based parenting practices.
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Social-emotional learning in the classroom

Educational tips and resources for teachers

Access handouts, posters, curricula, and teaching strategies from the social and emotional learning (SEL) experts at HealthyCHILD.
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Social-emotional learning across communities

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HealthyCHILD provides on-site consultation and support to our partners within their classrooms. By following a promotion-prevention-intervention tiered model, HealthyCHILD has supported more than 300 classrooms, 600 early childhood professionals, and 45,000 children and families since 1994.
More on What We Do
Paul, Principal, mentions how before COMET program the teachers would mentor and support each other. The change helped provide different methodologies and tactics to use in classroom.

Real World Results

children & families supported
classrooms supported
The HealthyCHILD program has helped to address individual needs of children & teachers as well as overall classroom environments.
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Early Childhood Director
Early Childhood Director
Families are always treated as the primary teacher of their child. Recommendations for practice or for outside help are made respectfully & often close relationships are formed between healthy child consultants & families of our program.
Smiling lady loves HealthyCHILD - testimonial
Early Childhood Coach
Early Childhood Coach
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