Frequently Asked Questions - Account Help

I don’t have an account. What do I need to do and know?

To access our new HealthyCHILD online account, you need to register and be logged in to access helpful resources. Exclusive resources are only available to members.

What membership options do you have?

We have school-wide access to partnering school districts and classrooms. Request an invitation by contacting us here.

How can I register for an account?

You can register here. Enter your coupon code provided and just follow the prompts.

I need help registering as a partnering member.

If your organization is already partnering with HealthyCHILD and didn’t receive your invitation with a coupon code to register to receive online account access via email, please get in touch with your coordinator here. We will resolve the issue by sending your unique coupon code to enter.

With your coupon code handy, follow the link to register here, and then follow the prompts and enter the coupon code by clicking the "Have a coupon?" link and entering the coupon code you were provided with in the field there (right above the "Sign Up" button).

How much does membership cost?

We have made substantial investments into developing evidence-based, research-backed resources as experts in social and emotional learning. At present, we are making resources available via an invitation-only basis. You may request an invitation by selecting "Affordable/gratis access request" or "Partner request to bring HealthyCHILD to my school(s)" via this contact form.

I can’t afford a membership. How can I get access for free?

Affordable or gratis access is available. Please contact us here and select “Affordable/gratis access request” as the Subject and fill out the rest of the form and submit it.

How can I reset my account password if I forgot it?

It happens to the best of us. You can reset your password here.

How can I delete my account?

We value and respect your privacy. For your Right to Deletion under CCPA and the right to erasure under GDPR, please use the contact form here to make your request by selecting 'Account information deletion request' under the Subject field.

How does HealthyCHILD protect my privacy and keep my information secure?

We understand that security and privacy are important to you. They are to us, too, and we value and respect your privacy and we make it a priority to provide strong security measures, protect your privacy, and make HealthyCHILD an effective and efficient experience.

We follow California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as guidelines for how we store information and process information, and how we process requests for deletions/erasures.

HealthyCHILD will never sell identifiable personal information to a third-party or data broker under any conditions.

You can see our Privacy Statement for more information.

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