May 13, 2023

Celebrating Youth Mental Health Awareness Day!

This week, our consultants headed over to the amazing Children's Museum of Pittsburgh to celebrate Youth Mental Health Awareness Day. The team brought painted rocks - some with eyes, mouths, noses, and more - to mix and match to create feelings faces! This is a fun and easy activity to do at home. Start by taking a walk and collecting larger rocks along the way. The flatter, the better! Bring them home and paint them with happy eyes, a smiling mouth, a tear drop, an angry mouth - Any and all feelings you can think of together! Then take turns putting the rocks together to create feelings faces. Make them goofy and mix them up, then try to match the happy eyes with the smiling mouth. Have fun!

Posted by Rachel LePage
Rachel is the Coordinator of HealthyCHILD as well as a mental health consultant for preschool classrooms across Allegheny County.